Sony releases experimental Jelly Bean ROM for Xperia T

Still waiting on that Jelly Bean update for your Xperia T? If you’re the adventurous type, Sony has released an alpha build of Jelly Bean for the T for you to play with, flashable via Sony’s own flashing tool for unlocked Xperias. There’s a few issues with this build, though; no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no mobile data, and no Google apps, and you won’t be able to update to the official firmware once it’s released. It’s basically the build for a fancy MP3 player at this point. The UI also hasn’t been updated to reflect the newer versions that will likely be the same as on the Xperia Z. So unless you’re an adventurous developer, you may want to wait for this build to get touched up a bit on XDA before flashing. But if you just can’t wait, hit the source below to get the download link.

source: Sony Mobile

  • chilli

    crazy, just crazy. who wants such a shitty rom sony!?