MeCam Nanocopter Will Follow You Around Documenting Your Awesomeness

The MeCam nanocopter, being developed by Always Innovating, looks to be your personal hovering paparazzi. The voice-controlled hovering video camera can even be set to “follow” mode while it runs video and streams to your Android device (or iOS). The captured video or  panorama shots can be shared through Google+, YouTube, Facebook or other social media sites.

The MeCam is technically still in development so we’re still missing a few key details such as battery life and information about the image quality. The estimated retail price will be a very reasonable $49. It will have a Cortex A9 processor (1 to 1.5GHZ), 1GB of RAM, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity and it will have an SD card slot for storage. Always Innovating has set 1st quarter of 2014 as a possible launch date but the design company has yet to come to an agreement with a manufacturer.

Check out the video after the break and start planning your party-drone strikes!


Source: CNXSoft

  • Jordan Hotmann

    I wonder if it will be fast enough to follow me while skiing…

  • GraveUypo

    there’s a stupid gadget i WOULD buy.

  • Andy J

    I want one… I just wonder what it will be like walking down the street when everyone has one following them….

  • Joondeego

    I want one! Flight and photo, what a great combo!!