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Samsung rakes in huge on Q4 2012 earnings report

The start of the year means financial reports for many companies. Sometimes we’re a little surprised,┬ásometimes things are about where they should be, and in Samsung’s case, they blew expectations out of the water. Samsung even outdid their own estimates. That’s how successful it was. The early reports had Samsung pulling in about 8 billion in profit for Q4, so everyone had pretty high expectations for the tech giant to begin with. At the end of the year, Samsung managed to bring in about 27.2 billion dollars in profit, and they did about 188.15 billion dollars in total revenue. Needless to say, a huge chunk of that came from Samsung’s smartphone division, with the record-breaking sales of the Galaxy S III pushing that. It’s safe to say that Samsung had a pretty successful year in 2012, and they’ll continue to keep that momentum in 2013. Hit the source if you want to read more of the gritty details about Samsung’s fiscal year.

source: Samsung

  • Richard Yarrell

    End of sorry here. Without Samsung android doesn’t exist plain and simple.

    • squiddy20

      I didn’t know there was such a thing as “end of sorry”. Protip: try proofreading BEFORE posting.
      And you’ve clearly got that backwards. Without Google providing Android to Samsung *for free*, there would be no “pimp slapping” Galaxy S[whatever number]. There would be no Galaxy Note[whatever number]. There would be no Touchwiz. Heck, without Android, the only smartphones Samsung would be selling would probably be Windows Phones. Good lord you are dumb.