OUYA presents improvements to game controller based on dev feedback

Last month OUYA start shipping their forthcoming gaming console to developers so they could start to get a feel for what needed to be improved. OUYA says they received a ton of comments and feedback on what would make the game controller even better. OUYA has taken the comments to heart and announced today several changes and improvements to the gaming console for the newest iteration.

Some of the new features or changes include:

  • D-pad: The D-pad has been changed from a flat disc type pad to a “cross” type pad. OUYA and those who commented on the disc pad think the cross will improve accuracy and precision.
  • Thumbsticks: A layer of rubber has been added to the top of the thumbsticks to improve grip and in the process it sounds like a heftier feel to the sticks.
  • Touchpad: Apparently many comments were received about the lack of responsiveness. OUYA’s developers promise the material used for final production will address this concern.
  • Triggers: A weak spot in the first design, OUYA says they have redesigned the triggers and how they work, including making them more flush with the unit.
  • Battery bay: Things have been snugged up a bit in the battery bay to help keep the juice in place. OUYA also says better material will be used for production of the pull tab.

OUYA promises they will keep listening to feedback from developers and other testers.

source: OUYA

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