Nokia’s CEO Says Google Moving Toward Closed Ecosystem

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, said Google is closing its once open ecosystem as Android faces increased fragmentation. Elop was discussing the company’s 4th quarter earnings at a press conference when the topic turned to Google. Elop said, “The situation that Android is facing, where the amount of fragmentation that you’re seeing is increasing as people take it in different directions, is of course offset by Google’s efforts to turn an open ecosystem into something that’s quite a bit more closed as you’ve seen quite recently.

Elop is not alone in his critique of Google’s recent “openness” decisions. Earlier this month Google blocked Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps via the browser but later restored access. Google has also announced it will drop support for Exchange ActiveSync which Microsoft uses to offer push email for Gmail users on Windows Phone. iOS devices also use ActiveSync but they’ll still be able to get push email via Google’s Gmail app for iOS. Google released Maps for iOS but has said it will not develop apps for Windows 8. It’s unclear whether Google is actually moving toward a closed ecosystem but there is little doubt they are playing hardball when it comes to Microsoft and, by extension, Nokia.

Source: The Verge

About the Author: Rudy Rivapalacio

Rudy is a Southern California guy who has used his tech savvy skills in a law enforcement and corporate security career. He often jokes about having a "Windows 3.1" tattoo and has the Bill Gates-like rule regarding no Apple products in the home. His two daughters (one at Cal, one in High School) have so far found a way to abide by that rule. When not glued to Android news or on Xbox live, Rudy is probably off traveling abroad. His West Hollywood apartment is littered with a few too many bikes, cameras and Android relics, but he's found a way to hide most, or some, of his toys from his wife. Rudy is a big Chargers fan, and consequently, buys beer in bulk.

  • Frettfreak

    Screw that guy. I think Google should make people pay if they aren’t on Android.

    • dheeraj

      hahahah I agree

  • Joe

    It’s working google, I’ve been using a WP8 device for the past few weeks and it is just a pain to not have google products on there. I’ve bought into the whole Google ecosystem, and WP8 just isn’t well integrated with it. But…….. the Nexus 4 was so bad that it drove me to try out WP8.

  • Andy J

    *sigh* they explained the maps redirect issue – and windows phone users ever admitted that the problems with the interface that Google cited were real issues.

    As for dropping ActiveSync – people who are in bed with Microsoft are moaning that Google are dropping support for a Microsoft product that requires a license?

  • Richard Yarrell

    This poor guy Stephen Elop is a lost cause so is Nokia.

  • Shinger Berwari

    Damn this guy annoys me to death. Dude STFU and do something about your company instead of saying how a succesful product should be run by a company. Look at your own backyard instead of telling your neighbour what he should do with his backyard.