Facebook App The Most Widely Used App In The U.S. For 2012


We’ve told you about how us Android users use Facebook more than iOS users— and now it appears that we use Facebook most among the apps found on our mobile devices. According to a recent ComScore study, mobile users tended to use Facebook more than Google Maps between March and December of 2012, based off of the monthly mobile usage trends. What’s even more astounding is the fact that Facebook consistently ranked first in terms of mobile app engagement— meaning among all the apps available on devices, most people spent their time using the Facebook app compared to everything else, including Google Maps, Gmail and Instagram.

So while Facebook and Google Maps ranked tops among all the apps out there for mobile users— ComScore is quick to highlight that there’s a possibility in 2013 that we may see different apps out there challenge for the top spot like Netflix or Twitter apps. Regardless— 2013 should be an exciting year for the usage of apps on our mobile devices.

source: ComScore