Galaxy S IV Screen To Surpass Retina Display Quality

DigiTImes is citing unnamed industry sources as saying Samsung will incorporate new pixel layouts with increased resolution for AMOLED panels. The new design layout uses a hexagon and diamond-shaped pixel layout allowing for resolutions above 440 pixels per inch. The iPhone 5’s Retina Display is 326PPI. The same sources said the new panels would be used in Samsung’s Galaxy S IV.  Although we’re excited to see Sammi’s new flagship sport a top of the line display, we should point out the HTC Droid DNA already has a 440PPI display so it’s not exactly an industry first.

Quick recap of recent Galaxy S IV rumors: It could be unveiled in March,  with an Exynos 5 Octa processor, 5-inch 1080p display and an S Pen! I’d like to say to take these rumors with a grain of salt but I’m too damn excited and not-so-secretly wishing for them to all be true!

Source: DigiTimes

  • Richard Yarrell

    Grain of salt it’s not get ready for the Galaxy S4 in April 15th to May 8th on Tmobile.

    • RTWright

      Who cares really, people just bought the S3 are still locked in contract at least till they’ve had that device a year. So upgrades to the S4 won’t even be available and only those that didn’t purchase S3 or renew to purchase one, will be interested. Well that and those that have contracts coming up for renewal this year. But with the amount of S3’s sold, I’d think it’s actually too soon to be releasing a device of this level. Makes me think that it will have very little in the way of advancements to make it much different than the S3 other than maybe screen and size.

      • Sean Carey

        The people who bought the S3 arent the only people in the world who would want an S4…

  • xgman

    I don’t want a pen and I don’t want it any thicker.

  • PKM

    So ? a Lot of Android devices already have screens much better then apples

  • Ovel

    Damn it I just got my S3 about a week ago

  • pleasegetreal

    So it will still be a crap greenish AMOLED screen. Or have they finally figured out how to generate a real white colour?