Samsung Galaxy S IV could be unveiled in March at U.S. Unpacked Event and released in April

The Galaxy S IV rumor mill is only just beginning folks. Barring a complete disaster, it’s safe to say it will be unveiled and released sometime between April and June. Last year the Galaxy S III was unveiled in the beginning of May, but this year Samsung might want to get a faster jump ahead of whatever Apple has planned for the fall. The upcoming Galaxy S IV is codenamed “Altius” and reports show that it will be ready to be released in April. If you’re looking for something more precise, the rumor is week 16 or the week of April 15.

As far as an announcement is concerned, it’s always done at an Unpacked Event. The only questions is where and when? The latest rumor suggests that it will be in the U.S. this year and it will be in March. This will mark the first time a Galaxy S phone was announced in the U.S. since the Galaxy S I. Where in the U.S. is unknown, but New York City is a good bet. The date is what I am questioning because the rumor is for Friday, March 22. Press events are rarely on Fridays so I’m not buying it.

As far as specs, nothing is confirmed, but we expect a 5-inch display and we are hoping for the new Exynos 5 Octa as the CPU. We can confirm that it will pack a removable 2600 mAh battery and sport wireless charging. I suspect the wireless technology will be what we saw a couple of weeks ago at CES.

It’s only January folks so we still have a lot of time for rumors and speculation. This freight train is just starting to roll folks so stay tuned.

sources: sammobile, phonearena

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Sounds great to me. Only thing that will be missing on the wonderful device is android 5.0 Key lime pie. That is the only drawback if one actually exist. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 in October / November 2013. But who knows i might just get that Galaxy S4 just for GP we will see.