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FYI— Nexus 10 Tablets Are Officially Out Of Stock In Play Store… Again


It’s no secret that Google has had some serious inventory issues with its Nexus 4 smartphones, but we are now seeing some epic problems with the Nexus 10 tablet as well. Reports are coming in that both the 16GB and 32GB variations of the tablets are completely sold out in the Play Store for US residents. So unless you try going to your local retailer and hope they have something in stock, you may just be better off waiting for Google’s next great tablet at it’s I/O sometime in May.

Hopefully Google and Samsung gets everything together and will have new stock sooner than later though. We will be sure to keep you all abreast of any news of when more Nexus 10 stock will become available.

source: Nexus 10 16GB | 32GB
via: Android Police


  • Justin A

    I think they messed up on leaving themselves a name for the next-gen device. What will it be a Nexus 10 2? that would be confusing.
    I really love my nexus 10, and hope that everyone who wants one can get one and show what an iPad killer it is.

  • Darkcobalt

    My friend and I had a conversation a few weeks ago where we discussed Samsung’s uncanny ability to ramp up production to meet demand. Why is it they can do it for all their own products and not for the Nexus 10? Surely the Nexus 10 demand can’t be high enough to tax Samsung’s amazing logistics?