Sony Xperia Z Gets FCC Tear Down En Route To Likely Approval


The Sony Xperia Z looks to be one step closer to going on sale stateside. The posted FCC documents appear to indicate Sony’s sleek and water resistant Android handset has passed inspection and deemed safe for the American market. The inspection process also gave us a chance to take a peek inside this guy. A few European sites have begun pre-sales, in the UK and Slovakia, but US consumers still have a couple months to go. Hit the source for the full gallery of Xperia Z dissection photos.

Via: Engadget
Source: FCC

  • Drew

    The model tested by the FCC was the c6602 variant, which is not equipped with LTE capabilities. Does this mean that the C6603 is not approved as it was not the one tested?

  • Annylu

    Thanks, This is a good article

  • erik

    tiene esta parte en venta