Google May Have Misjudged Nexus 4 Demand By As Much As 10 Times

The Nexus 4 has been pretty hard to come by and, if LG is to be believed, Google’s terribly inaccurate sales predictions are the biggest reason. According to Cathy Robin, head of mobile communications for LG France, demand has been 10 times higher than what Google expected. LG and Google have played a blame game of sorts but it’s hard to fault LG too much if Google did, in fact, give drastically lower sales estimates. Robin said the estimate was based on sales numbers for previous Nexus phones.

It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback and point to things like price and an enhanced consumer awareness of Android as factors that differentiate the Nexus 4 from its predecessors, but to miss the mark by so much is almost unGoogle. This phone came off the heels of Samsung’s Galaxy S III‘s great success. In the minds of many consumers, this was the next big Android phone. It launched at about half the price of other top tier phones. Yeah, I think there’s going to be a bit of a demand. If the Nexus 4 doesn’t make it back to the Play Store, at least we have Qualcomm’s X phone to look forward to.

Source: CNET

  • Benjamin Pavel

    And for the Nexus of year 2013 will be even higher.
    Because more and more people realize that all other OEM’s are late with updates.
    For example when the ICS came out it took a year to come close to 10% of ICS on dashboard and when JB came out it only took half a year to achieve 10%.
    More and more people are getting pure Nexus devices. =)

    • Justin A

      I am one of those. I will probably only purchase nexus devices now.

  • SkipJ

    Heals??? Heels

    • Rudy Rivapalacio

      thank you, sir. correction made. i don’t even have auto correct to blame. #BotchedIt

  • Lodovik

    They’ve not misjudged, they’ve screwed up this launch and the others before. Like the Nexus 7 wich was available in retail before being delivered to those who pre-ordered. Like the Nexus 10 which is still nowhere to be found outside US. Three strikes in three pitches. Yer out!

    • Kary Krismer

      That probably depended upon when you ordered. I received my Nexus 7 timely.

    • Attila Bárdi

      N10 was available in Germany also.

  • yolooo

    OR they are doing it, because that makes product really desirable and is a very good marketing trick.