Leaked screenshots from Sony’s Xperia S Jelly Bean update

For all you Xperia S owners out there waiting for your Jelly Bean update, here are a few leaked images to hold you over. Xperia S owners will get a taste of some of the newer features that Sony has recently released, including a new lock screen, power management, Find My Xperia and screen mirroring. The new build will be 6.2.X.X.XX and a will be based on a new 3.4 kernel, compared to the 3.08 kernel which is currently powering the device. The Jelly Bean update is slated for an April release at the earliest, so jump passed the break to hold yourself over till then.

Source: Xperia Blog

  • PKM

    They should really hurry up, why does it actually take so long ? :/

  • Noob

    April? Wtf

  • JFC

    Do i do this update through sony bridge on Mac? and will it get the next android update when ever that comes out?

  • jafar


  • jafar

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  • Furkan Sahingöz

    This looks very nice !!!!! ooooooo i cant wait :D

  • Boris

    sony please be hurry i cant wait…

  • http://www.facebook.com/vedesh.a.di.genius Vedesh Di-Genius Ramkissoon

    is there timescape ui?? with facebook integration??