Stream or Download TV shows to your Android device with Bitbop

We showed you Bitbop while it was still in beta last month, and now it’s open for everyone to try out with a free 1 week trial.  Sure the name sounds like a Wii Nintendo game, but this little app is the best thing for getting TV shows (and soon movies) on your Android device.   Not only does it give you the option to stream over wifi or 3G immediately, you can also download shows straight to your Android device for later viewing.  Useful for those long car trips where you don’t always have a signal, or flights that play a movie you’ve seen 5 times already.  Bitbop will also resume your show where you left off should you get interrupted in your small screen viewing indulgence.

The service cost $10 a month, so be sure to try it out first with the 1-week trial, and check out what TV networks and shows they have available.  I think the pricing is fair considering the amount of content available and being commercial free, unlike other paid TV streaming services *cough* hulu plus *cough*.  The holy grail of TV and movie watching isn’t in our pocket quite yet, but this is definitely a step closer.  Give it a try and tell us what you think in the comments.


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  • Takes

    If you are looking for streaming, you should give a try to TV SHOWS STREAM , there is a lite version with 10 tv shows and a paid version with 1000+ tv shows.
    Full screen integration, friendly interface… Recomended.

  • http://Gmail Dolly

    Nine lives of chloe king
    The lying game
    Love the shows

  • http://Gmail Dolly

    Nine lives of chloe king
    The lying game
    Love the shows
    Cant wait to see more

  • DaveDaveDave

    I hate to be a troll, but iPhones have been downloading TV shows and movies on the go for years now. It does cost more though…

  • liora

    Where is the download button??

  • Waqar Ahmed

    Is there any free app for Andriod devices to watch Adult Entertainment for Free. please share it with us.

  • Cjones52014

    I have a sony xperia, can you make this app work for my phone

  • Mommy_and_you

    Im looking to find a way to download true blood on my expeew! can anyone help?