Tethercell Indiegogo project hoping to make batteries “smart”

Taking the concept of the network connected home a step further, the Tethercell project is working to raise funds via Indiegogo to start shipping their “smart” batteries in June 2013. The project’s principals were not content to see wireless control of devices limited only to those that are “plugged in.” They have designed an adapter for AA batteries.

Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, users can use the Tethercell app on their smartphone to control devices that have at least one Tethercell battery in their bank of batteries. The app enables users to:

  • Allows you to turn AA-battery-powered devices on and off remotely.
  • Alerts you when battery power is low.
  • Allows you to set device schedules in order to save battery power.
  • Allows you to set simple timers, making life easier.
  • Want to turn something on and tweet about it? Tethercell is ready to multitask like no other.
  • Have fun and turn things on from the palm of your hand.

The adapter itself is the size of an AA battery, but contains a AAA battery. To use the Tethercell, users will replace one AA battery with the Tethercell, then establish the Bluetooth connection with their device. The developers indicate they have successfully connected to four different Tethercells at once and in other testing have maintained control from up to 100 feet away in a clear field.

The Tethercell project has a goal of $59,000 to be raised. The project’s schedule calls for shipping of the device to take place starting in June of 2013. If you are interested in learning more or getting your order in now, use the source link below.

source: Indiegogo

  • Peter Nam

    One nice use would be proximity activation. For example, if I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that are battery powered with tethercells, it would be cool to have them automatically turn on when my phone with bluetooth is nearby, and also have them automatically shut off when my phone is out of range.

  • Travis Shepherd