Android is patent-infringing and not really free, according to Microsoft

Oh Microsoft, you so crazy.  Tivanka Ellawala, a Microsoft financial officer, recently spoke to MarketWatch regarding the “truth” about Android. Ellawala went on to say that, although the platform itself is free to manufacturers, it is full of spooky patent infringements that could bring about lawsuits and zombie attacks to manufacturers who choose to deploy it.

One recent lawsuit brought on by Apple against HTC does bring these points into question, and despite the outcome, it can be argued that using Android has cost HTC some coin in legal fees (although this dwarfs the revenue brought in by selling Android powered devices).

However, with Android blowing past Windows Mobile in the smartphone market share and showing no signs of slowing down, Microsoft better hope that Windows Phone 7 is up to the challenge, or they will just have to continue sitting on the sidelines and come up with more ways to complain about Android.

[via arstechnica]

  • Ian MacGregor

    I’m waiting for Microsoft to come out and say “Android infringes (insert number here) of our patents” without actually specifying which patents are being infringed. Using fear to coerce people into sticking with Microsoft is one of Microsoft’s tactics. They did the same thing with Linux and some people believed the lies. I find it funny that Microsoft vowed to not sue anyone over the alleged Linux patent infringement.. probably because there was no infringement to begin with, just more lies from Microsoft.

    Dear Microsoft, why don’t you try creating something that is actually worth buying instead of wasting time trying to bring everyone else down to your level?

  • David

    I think Microsoft is just jealous because Android is so cool and winblows phones suck big balls. After owning an android phone I will never ever ever buy another winblows phone again.

  • David

    ….. and why is that every time I leave a comment on your site, my website link does not show up? Or maybe it is and I’m just not seeing it?

  • 4iedemon

    Well, Microsoft is not actually talking about the Apple vs HTC as it’s not about Android but about the specific interfaces and hardwares developed by HTC.

    Microsoft is actually referring to Oracle vs Google case on Android. Some people even gossiped that Sun was sold to Oracle due to an impending lawsuit that can be filed to Google that Oracle was interested in.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    “it can be argued that using Android has cost HTC some coin in legal fees (although this dwarfs the revenue brought in by selling Android powered devices).”

    So the legal fees were HIGHER than the amount of money made by HTC selling Android phones? Or did you mean to say “although this is dwarfed by the revenue brought in by selling Android powered devices”?