Avaya jumps into the Android tablet race with “Flare Experience”

If I had a dollar for every Android tablet that was hitting the market over the next year, well… I would certainly have quite a few dollars.  The new kid on the block is Avaya, and they’re touting a communication and collaboration focused device they’re calling “Flare Experience”.

The device comes in the form of an 11.6-inch HD multi-touch LCD screen, with a 5MP camera, WiFi, an ethernet port (yes, we said ethernet port), USB, and a very dismal 3-hour battery life.

The Flare Experience interface was designed to simplify video communications, as told by Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy:

“To be fully productive, employees need to simply connect via easy-to-use, fully integrated video, voice and text capabilities. This is the heart of Avaya’s people-centric approach to collaboration and the means to faster, better results with less effort and a lower total cost of ownership. We’re delivering a more potent collaboration experience at one-third the cost using substantially less bandwidth over other solutions on the market today.”

The Flare Experience boasts a number of features, including:

  • A touch and swipe user interface that allows workers to communicate in any mode, check messages, schedule meetings and appointments, and receive alerts or reminders.
  • Drag-and-drop voice and video calling and conferencing, which has a cool feature of allowing users to separate from a call to engage in side conversations – either through voice, email or IM – without interrupting the original call.
  • A virtual ‘Rolodex’ that allows users to scan their corporate and personal lists of contacts – including those from social networks – and find out whether that person is available and how he/she prefers to communicate and initiate a connection.
  • Download and install Android-based tools.

There’s no word yet about a potential release date or pricing, but you can bet this thing will be marketed heavily for business use. You can find out more information about the Avaya Flare Experience from the companies website.

[via channelinsider]