RIM invites Android developers to port apps to BlackBerry 10 in ‘Last Chance Port-a-thon’

Sure, porting Android applications to run on BlackBerry devices isn’t fresh news by any means, but with the impending release of BlackBerry 10, RIM is attempting to bulk up its App World offerings in time for the big reveal. The Waterloo based company has already held two previous “port-a-thons” in an effort to get new developers on board, and it appears as though RIM is holding a final “last chance port-a-thon” before devices begin to hit the market later this month.

RIM isn’t skimping out either. There’s cash in it for developers, too. Approved applications will score the developer $100, with a maximum of 20 apps allowed. That’s not all. Those who submit more than five applications will be automatically entered for a change to win one of 250 custom BlackBerry 10 devices.

In order to get in on the action, you’ll need to register for the event at the source link below. Make sure to pay attention to the full list of instructions, as you’ll need to register as a vendor for BlackBerry World and request unique signing keys before you get started.

Source: BlackBerry

  • Brian Parker

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