Google schedules Project Glass hackathon later this month

Remember Google’s Project Glass? I know, it’s been pretty quiet lately, but you didn’t expect Google to leave it alone for too long, right? Glass Explorers, the developers who paid the $1500 fee to get their hands on Project Glass before everyone else, have started to receive emails detailing an event Google has scheduled for the ambitious project in a few weeks. This “hackathon” is being set up for January 28th and 29th in San Francisco and February 1st and 2nd in New York, which developers have until January 18th to get registered for. During this little event, developers will get their own hardware on the first day and get some hands on experience with it the second day. If I had the extra cash for it, this is exactly the kind of awesome thing I would spend it on. Anybody else excited to see what’s going to happen out of this?

source: Phandroid