AT&T rolling out Jelly Bean update for Samsung Rugby Pro

The people who found themselves in the position of needing a phone leaning more toward the physically rugged side than the highest end hardware may have purchased a model like the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro. Even though they may have given up a bit in the hardware department, they are getting some good news today as AT&T is rolling out an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update brings with it all the features of of Jelly Bean like camera enhancements, easy mode, blocking mode, and multiple keyboard options.

Users can wait to be notified of the over-the-air update or go to Settings -> About device -> Software update to check for it manually. AT&T also provides instructions for sideloading on their support page found at the source link below.

source: AT&T Wireless

  • matthew best1

    Yet still no love to the original galaxy note wow this will be the last att/samsung phone i buy sony xperia z here i come and to samsung and att fuck you

  • dave

    This kind of shit makes me sorry I gave up my Iphone. If apple ever releases a larger screen phone I’m going back. If not, Ill go to a windows phone. Either way no more cash for Android or Samsung. They can both kiss my ass. People like me who took a chance and made the phablet popular are now getting fucked over for doing it. This is no way to build customer loyalty. I hope apple kicks their ass in court