UK retailer Expansys opens up Xperia Z preorders

Before a phone comes out, we always have a bit of fun with accidental preorders and some leaked product pages. UK retailer Expansys kicked off this morning with an attractive price point of £399.99 ($643.70) for the newly unveiled Sony Xperia Z. This was quite a bit lower than the other preorders we’ve seen, but hey, you certainly wouldn’t complain about saving money, right? Unfortunately, that price was too good to be true, and Expansys has pulled the price back up in line with other retailers to £529.99, or $852.91. Unfortunately, they’re only listing the black color of the Experia Z, and there’s no official release date. Still, though, it’s good to see some preorders, because that means official availability can’t be too far off, and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to get their hands on one of these monsters.

source: Expansys