LG: We haven’t halted Nexus 4 production, no Nexus 5 in the works

A few days ago, rumors were circulating that LG was halting production on the Nexus 4 to focus on its own new smartphones and a revamped version of the Nexus 4. Today those rumors come crashing to a heap. In an interview with a Korean website today, an LG official stated that production was going on without a hitch and that there is no issue regarding supply. This runs contrary to Google’s report, in which they recently claimed that shipments from LG were “sparse and erratic”. It’s hard to say who’s actually at fault, but we’re hoping that LG and Google can get these things pumped out of the factory and back into the Google Play store, which still sits as a barren Nexus wasteland. Speaking to the same Korean website, the LG official stated that the company is not planning to release the Google Nexus 5 at Google I/O this year, which is good news for all of you who are still waiting to get your Nexus 4’s! What a debacle!

Source:  Chosun

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • Sean Hearne

    Google email to tell me after 6 week wait that my Nexus 4 will arrive on the Friday. No sign of phone on Friday or Saturday when I leave for week holiday. On return TNT tell me they tried delivery on Mon, Tue, Wed (although no card in post box) and returned the phone to Google on the Friday. Call TNT and then Google on the Monday. Google tell me they won’t resend the phone and then refund my money. Advise me to keep checking Google Play Store and order again when it becomes available. What great customer service from Google!

    • Alexon Enfiedjian


  • Sebastien Ramsamy

    LG had an opportunity to attract consumers through Google’s Nexus device cause let’s face it they were/ are by no means the greatest Android manufacturers, but I can safely say that I will never again buy a LG product again. They have proven to be absolutely useless with “high” demands & are unable to meet customers satisfaction, the phone works well but is too fragile & I had too pay a premium cause the play store is a dead end. Google has let themselves & the consumers down by picking LG as the Nexus manufacturers 2012…but that is not to say that Google has handle the situation well either, costumer service is non-existent and no official statement has been made on their part to explain what has & and still is happening…THERE ARE STILL LESSONS TO BE LEARNT FROM APPLE…

  • Torqueobama

    I love android and I think I would love a Nexus 4, but the boondoggle of it never being available with absolutely no feedback of what is going on is poisoning the whole thing for me and I suspect lots of others.

  • Andrea

    I am extremely dissatisfied because I stayed connected for more than 6 hours to purchase a Nexus 4, and I got it,
    my purchase was done, with estimated shipping of 6 weeks, I WAIT for all this time.

    Unfortunately I had I problem with my credit card, and I was with no internet access and could not fix it in 5 days. MY PURCHASE WAS CANCELED ! It was not my fault, I was traveling on holidays and could not access my account or email, so it was canceled with no way it came back. I tried to called them, but the call “suddenly” hang up after talk with some people.

    I am extremely frustrated to stay without cell phone after all this time waiting and with a purchase done. It was extremely disrespectful with a consumer. Your product is very good but it doesn’t worth so much disrespect.

    Andrea Bianchi