New Samsung phone shows up in benchmarks. Is this the Verizon Stratosphere III?

Physical keyboards on smartphones have become a rarity over the last few years. That’s why it’s always notable when a new keyboard-packing phone could be on the horizon and that’s exactly the case we have here. A new Samsung device spotted in benchmarks known as the SCH-i425 (codenamed “Godiva”) and headed to Verizon could be the next keyboard-equipped phone in Verizon’s “Stratosphere” series, probably to be known as the Stratosphere III. The last few Stratosphere phones have let keyboard lovers down in the specs department, but this one looks to be shaping up quite nicely. From what we can tell from the benchmarks, the SCH-i425 will have a 720p (1280×720) display and dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Not bad at all, especially if they can get the keyboard right. What say you? Do any of you guys still use physical keyboards on your Android devices? Let us know in the comments why you prefer a physical keyboard.

Source: GLBenchmark

  • Marcel

    I just hate the onscreen keyboards. Wish my n900 was capable of running android apps.

    Onscreen keyboards take valuable space on the screen so my mutt session is just small.

    I also cannot feel the keys so I have to look where my fingers are going.

    Real keyboards are the way to go.
    When getting my galaxy note I thought the screen would have enough space to show a onscreen keyboard and still have a reasonable portion left for mutt (or vi etc) and that I could get used to the onscreen keyboard.
    But it just doesn’t work. I guess the glass cover on top of the ‘backspace virtual key’ must be much and much thinner now that the rest of the screen…

    Thumbs up for the next phone with good specs and a physical keyboard. Pity this one seems to have only 1280×720 ?

  • Kary Krismer

    I just like having the option of a real keyboard, but seldom use it. I do want my wife to have the same phone though (for car dock concerns), and she uses the real keyboard all the time. I did have one Android app which would not install with the virtual keyboard, but that’s the only time it’s been absolutely necessary.

    I didn’t know when I bought the phone, but on my Droid 2 Global hitting Shift-Alt-Del reboots the phone. I much prefer that to holding down a power button a long time, etc.

  • GizMoQC

    Why do you I prefer to use a real keyboard instead of a virtual one?

    Short and simple, I don’t have to look at the keyboard while typing!

    I’m currently stuck with a SGSIII because in Canada there is just no qwerty phone at all! I just hope that next time I will change my phone, there will be good qwerty phone available over here.

  • scribe

    Hate onscreen keyboard. I prefer a smaller phone (width, not thickness) My fingers are too big. The screen gets too small when the on screen keyboard is out. Have you ever tried to to ssh with an onscreen keyboard? I love my G2. Wish HTC would refresh the form factor. I don’t even mind the thickness, as it’s not incredibly thicker than newer phones. Only thing it needs is a quad-core cpu and 2gigs of ram and I would be in heaven.