Android 4.2.2 spotted once again in Czech Nexus 4 hands-on

Android 4.2.2 is beginning to become something of a common occurrence, having already been seen running on a Nexus 4 in Brazil earlier this week. Today, more evidence has arose, as the new software has once again been spotted in a Czechoslovakian hands-on video. Despite the bump in the version number, the new firmware appears to remain mostly untouched. Although there’s no way to know if this is official, the surmounting evidence is making  an impending update seem highly likely.

Source: Engadget

  • pleasegetreal

    What’s a Czechoslovakian?

  • Tomi Golob

    Czech and Slovak people will be angry… The Czechoslovakian state no longer exists!

  • Michal Piroha

    I know we are small country but this year it’s been already 20 years since Czechoslovakia split into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

  • tankslappa

    This explains the nexus 4 shortage. They’ve all disappeared through a time portal to eastern Europe.
    (Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed since the end of 1992)

    • Petr Houška

      Crack in the time!
      I hope the Doctor will come on time :)

      • tankslappa

        I had another thought… Maybe it’s not a time warp…
        Maybe the author was just using an Apple map? ;-)

  • sebas

    What about KERNEL DATE? That person is currently showing a photo of the update, hiding intentionally the kernel date (1 more millimeter to appear idem with Brazilian leak