Google gives app developers “badges” to help promote their app on various websites

If you’re a developer, you know how important it is to get your app out there to as many people as possible. Well, Google wants to help you. They’ve created a webpage that allows you to enter your app name/URL and they’ll create a “badge” for you to put on your website (or any other website for that matter). Clicking on the badge will take people to your app on the Google Play Store so they can download it right there. Couldn’t be any easier, and Google gives you multiple size choices. Hopefully Google will expand upon this idea, and offer different color options (white would be nice), and maybe even a square corners option for those of us who like straight, clean lines. If you’re an app developer, jump on it! Click the source link below to get started.

Source: Android

  • Saif

    It was there for ages!

  • Brandon Boswell

    seriously, this has been out forever