Hands on with the nabi Jr. Android tablet for toddlers [Video]

Late last year Fuhu announced the nabi Jr. tablet for toddlers. This one is the little brother (or sister) to the nabi 2. It sports a 5-inch (800 x 480) display, a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, a rotating camera lens, 4GB/16GB of storage, matching stylus, microSD, and Fuhu’s own UI built around Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It will be priced at $99 for the 4GB version and $129 for the 16GB version. I had a chance to play with it at CES, and I am not usually impressed with kids tablets, but Fuhu has done a really good job. The specs aren’t high end, but again this if for your toddler. They don’t need any more than this. I love the design of the protective case and that it’s easily removable. We should see this one by the end of February, but for now, check out the hands on video after the break.

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  • http://twitter.com/MysteryMannnnn Mystery Man

    thanks for the video

  • Christine

    is it wifi capable like the Nabi 2 is

  • noah

    Nabi2 is better than nabi jr just letting you know

  • Ashley Guttuso

    A fair warning to everyone out there considering buying the
    nabi Jr:

    We bought a nabi Jr from WalMart in May 2013 and our
    three-year-old absolutely loved it. We couldn’t have been happier. We’d read
    many good reviews about the fact that it was made to withstand drops, and Nora
    was actually really careful with it. Then the inevitable happened: she dropped
    it. Her screen cracked on a diagonal and only one side of it works.

    I contacted nabi Cares, but it turns out they don’t. I’ve
    been told there’s nothing they can do. There is no screen replacement program
    for this product. There goes $100.

    It was fun while it lasted, but we won’t be buying nabi
    products in the future. The “Drop-Safe Bumper” was a big disappointment. We
    cannot justify spending more money with a company that promises “The nabi Jr.
    will handle those little bumps and drops without complaint and with its chunky
    construction and drop safe bumper, it will make it home undamaged after show
    and tell.”

    I thought my daughter would learn great lessons with this
    device, such as number recognition, phonics, and spelling. Instead, she’s
    learned that sometimes a company cannot stand behind the product it makes.