Hands on with Bloodsword on NVIDIA Tegra 4

NVIDIA unveiled its highly anticipated Tegra 4 processor a few days, and it’s pretty impressive when you actually see it in action, especially for gaming. It packs all the punch the Tegra 3 did, like the ultra fast DDR3 memory and 4 + 1 architecture, and builds on that with the newer 28nm process, 72 GPU cores and the ability to handle a 2,560 x 1600 resolution at 120Hz. Excited to see this in a tablet later this year? Don’t worry, the rest of the Android world is, too. If you’re still not convinced, check out the video below to see the Tegra 4 push console quality graphics out of a tablet with some gameplay footage of Bloodsword. It’s impressive.

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  • darules

    NVIDIA unveiled its highly anticipated Tegra 4processor a few days, only to be outdone by qualcomm and Samsung, while the latter two have innovated big ideas into their new chips, the uninformed former stuck with last year’s ideas, and failed to feature anything above the rest. With graphics that outperform, Qualcomm and Samsung are neck and neck in the mobile chips race to the top. NVidia rests comfortably on the lower part of the ladder, just chugging along at a normal pace while Apple is designing their new chipset as well. Another year of Tegra being at the bottom, and TI will be sure to dominate Tegra in the low end processing units sector.

    • peacekeeper05

      How can you even be sure that the newer qualcomm and exynos chips will perform better than Tegra 4? What you’re forgetting is at least Nvidia supports Android gaming by supporting game developers. Unlike Exynos and Qualcomm who doesn’t even give a shit to the Android apps ecosystem.

    • Kokusho

      Wait, where is the innovation inside the Exynos 5 ? It’s textbook the ARM’s big.LITTLE design. With ARM’s Mali or Imagination’s PowerVR
      Where is the innovation from Samsung ?
      They only came up with the name “Octo” which is marketing bullshit to make people think it’s an actual OctoCore instead of a combinaison of 2 quadcore running one after the other.

      Qualcomm at least are making their own design.

      Nvidia is using their own power saving core design (which isn’t ARM’s big.LITTLE) and their own GPU. And it’s going to crush everything else.

      And TI is done with mobile SoC,.