Hands on with the ARCHOS Gen10 XS tablets [Video]


ARCHOS recently announced its new Gen10 XS tablets, so you know we had to get some hands-on time with the tablets. As you can see, both the 80 XS (the 8-inch model) and 101 XS (10.1-inch model) are displayed with the most noteworthy accessory available for the device– the Coverboard Keyboard. The Coverboard Keyboard features a combination of magnetic and latching mechanisms in order to keep the tablet covered or standing upright if needed. In addition, the keyboard does feature full Android controls— so there’s no need to necessarily rely on the tablet’s touchscreen in order to execute any given Android function. Oh and both Jelly Bean-powered tablet models have a host of intriguing goodies inside including a 1.6GHz quad-core chip inside– so things will be super snappy and responsive for users.

The 10-inch model with the keyboard is set to be priced at $299, while the 8-inch model is set to be priced at $199, so users can get a cool tablet and awesome accessory for a price that won’t break the bank too much.


YouTube Preview Image