Rogers HTC One X Jelly Bean update now available

Canadian carrier Rogers has a late Christmas present for HTC One X owners; the Android Jelly Bean update is rolling out over the air to devices starting today. The update, which checks in at just over 634 MB (definitely use WiFi for this one), should start notifying owners that it’s available for download. Start checking for updates and let us know if you get the upgrade.

source: Mobile Syrup

  • paul

    Makes the hTC One X run seamlessly no more lag and battery life does seem improved as well, only few thing i found missing was a few lock screens and the carbon black clock with dock… one from Skins.., and they took away the cool number clock on the lock screen from lock screen styles and no htc store now either to download anything else ever agian i guess looks like to, kinda disapointed only these things were taken away i was using them too cause they gave this phone the best look, performance is mint tho, i havent caught one bit of lag since last night, seems very good, one x is a fast phone on this new released jelly bean for hTC One X, getting rid of the black carbon skin n lock screen style clock n download part of the program.. htc what were you thinking. lol