.Hands On With The Alcatel T’Pop, S’Pop, M’Pop And X’Pop Smartphones .


Alcatel One Touch has certainly made a splash here at CES by introducing a host of awesome smartphones. Our own Rob Nazarian got some hands-on time with the T’Pop, S’Pop, M’Pop and X’Pop smartphones. As you can see, all 4 come in a variety of shapes and features– with the T’Pop, S’Pop, M’Pop and X’Pop models each featuring a single-core processor, but the M’Pop & X’Pop models both feature bigger screens and Jelly Bean running the show. The fairly exciting thing about this is the fact that each model seems to feature a lightly customized build of Android, so at least there’s no extra junk to slow the devices down much. All in all– the devices seem like a good bet to make a pretty good impression for those in the market for a budget-level device.

Hit the source to check out the hands-on video of the new additions to the Alcatel One Touch family.


About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Jenny_del_Castillo

    I don´t know if the info is wrong, but in all the websites I´ve been looking for the specifications of the X Pop model, it says “dual core 1ghz processor”. So it´s a single or dual core processor?

    • marty1408


      • Jenny_del_Castillo

        Nope, I finally bought it 3 months ago and it´s a dual core processor, not single.

        • costiera_kid

          How do you like the phone? Is it a good alternative to a Samsung?

          • costiera_kid

            Sorry, I meant a Samsung quality-wise. Thks

            • Jenny_del_Castillo

              Hi! I never had a Samsung, but my cousin has one (and I have tried it) and I prefer the Alcatel Xpop, it runs smooth, the screen is also very good, and I play lots of games without any kind of problem :)

  • Lynda Leppard

    I brought a T pop model and have 8gb sd card in it, removed all pre-installed apps and store the 2 apps I put on it on my sd card but still the phone can’t handle it. (Not enough ram so I am told by store and technicians). On to 3rd replacement handset due to text threads being split and calls not received, downloaded wallpapers reverting to factory original on exiting apps or powering off phone and restarting. 256mb ram a joke and frankly more hassle than it is worth. Best thing for it? A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!!!!