Leaked Image Of Possible HTC M7 And Sense 5.0 Screenshots

More leaked images for HTC’s Sense 5.0 hit the interwebs. We saw images of the leaked dialer a few days ago and what we’re seeing today looks just as nice. As with the dialer, these images are purportedly from the HTC M7.

Possible photo of the M7 and a screenshot of the settings past the break

I’ve never been a big Sense supporter but I definitely like the new cleaner look. I can’t, however, say I’m too convinced by the supposed picture of the M7. Like Mulder, I want to believe but even this picture is more convincing. Either way, this may be the first phone since HTC’s CEO promised to wow us with unique products.

Source: Pocket Now

  • cat

    the pic is a black htc one x…