T-Mobile to offer unlimited data plans for Monthly4G users starting January 9th

On January 9th, T-Mobile will begin offering a $70 unlimited data plan for its Monthly4G users. Monthly4G is T-Mobile’s no-contract plan, meaning you are free to jump on and off ship at any time you please. $70 will get you unlimited talk, text, and data…with no little asterisk anywhere informing you that you’ll be throttled after 5GB. Nope, this time it’s truly unlimited so you can stream songs, video chat and watch YouTube to your data-hungry heart’s content! If you are one of the lucky few who were able to snag the elusive Nexus 4, you might want to try pairing that bad boy up with T-Mobile’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network for a truly speedy experience.

Source: TmoNews

  • yarrellray

    Yeah i have been having a serious pick nick since purchasing my Galaxy Note 2 on November 15th and switching to unlimited data in September. Now my prepaid brothers on tmobile can enjoy unlimited data on a great network. They will join in on the fun us tmo customers are really having. Thank god i bitch slapped Verizon to the curb in June 2012. I wouldn’t be having so much fun if I didn’t do that now my Nexus 4 friends get to enjoy unlimited hspa plus 42mpbs network data. This makes Verizon, Sprint, and At@t all useless.

    • squiddy20

      1. It’s spelled “picnic”. Sad that you insult me about being a “useless college boy”, and you can’t even spell simple words or phrases. Hypocrite.
      2. You didn’t “bitch slap Verizon to the curb”. They kicked you off because you couldn’t afford the monthly bill. Why else would you go from Verizon (the most expensive carrier), to T-Mobile (the least expensive carrier), and go ranting and raving about how cheap it is on Said carrier?
      3. Just because the label on the box says “up to 42 mbps” does NOT mean you get those speeds all the time. It’s hilarious that you think you do.

      • yarrellray

        As usual the pitiful clown has chimed inn…Your pretty comical to say the least. Your trying to tell me why i left verizon??? Least I am able to afford them and any carrier as well as device as I please. Remember I buy new devices every year (2) at the least meanwhile You come from Boost with your crappy ass Samsung Moment now your on Sprint with your useless 3g Galaxy Nexus. Can’t help but laugh at you Mrs. Squiddy20 your a useless dweeb and internet troll. Get a job and then go buy a real smartphone trolling bum…People on the internet and various sites already know you are scandalous and a trolling bum…Sprint sucks just as bad as you do you guys make a perfect match even thou they should kick your trolling butt off their network….LOSER……..

        • yarrellray

          @squiddy20:disqus College drop out and living at home in his mother’s basement. No income cause no job exist using a 5year old bullspit computer and a useless 3g Galaxy Nexus on Sprint 2011 addition. Yeah your rolling real hard my man. Trust me nobody wants to be you that’s for sure.

        • squiddy20

          And here you go changing the topic to things you think can win an argument in and making up baseless, unfounded, and completely childish insults. Real mature. Having fun stooping to the level of a 3rd grader?

  • http://twitter.com/JMOBILEHITE352 JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE

    Hooray!!! T-MOBILE_USA/METROPCS/GOSMART_LOYAL_CUSTOMER:_2002–12/NOV/29_&_2002–12/SEP/05_&_COUNTing!!!!!

  • yippiedad

    @squiddy20:disqus and @yarrellray:disqus – you guys sound like a married couple! So cute…