Sprint confirms ‘Sprint As You Go’ prepaid network to launch January 25th with unlimited, unthrottled data

After rumors sprouted suggesting Sprint could be gearing up to launch its own prepaid network, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier has confirmed the news, noting the new service would launch January 25th. Users will be able to pick from two different plans with the top tier offering unlimited talk, text and data for $70 per month. Unlike it’s Boost and Virgin counterparts, Sprint As You Go will not throttle users’ data speeds.

Initially, four phones will be available: Two smartphones and two feature phones. The LG Optimus Elite and Samsung Victory will be sold off-contract for $150 and $250, respectively.

To explain where exactly the new service slots into Sprint’s current offerings, a spokesperson provided the following statement.

“This is essentially a retail initiative for Sprint-branded stores only, created for customers who have an affinity for the Sprint brand and have indicated they want a no-contract option. As for our prepaid brands, this actually allows us to strengthen the focus on our primary prepaid sales channels.”

Source: Fierce Wireless
Image Credit: Android Police


  • yarrellray

    Tmobile has better devices and a far better network for prepaid customers. Plus tmo has unlimited data for prepaid customers too. Why would anyone go to sprint for prepaid when metropcs, , Tmobile, , Virgin exist.

    • squiddy20

      Better devices? The only thing T-Mobile is known for in the way of phones that is different from any other carrier, was the MyTouch brand. And that mostly turned out to be a flop. What a joke.

      • yarrellray

        What’s funny is you acting like you know about other things when you don’t. Why you waste your time is beyond me trolling every comment I leave on every site. Life must be VERY VERY BORING FOR YOU…Thank god I am not the you the fake squiddy20 a internet coward someone who hides behind FAKE NAMES because all he capable of doing is trolling sites day in and day out. Your beyond a loser I feel sorry for your family….And don’t worry about tmobile my friend they are and will be doing very well for many years to come..They are the place to be not Sprint with it’s whacked out wimax network all those devices are has been’s. Matter of fact so is your 2011 Galaxy Nexus time for something buddy but we all know that won’t happen anytime soon college drop out….Jobs are pretty hard to come buy you have NO SKILLS…

        • squiddy20

          “not Sprint with it’s whacked out wimax network all those devices are has been’s.” This coming from the idiot who praised and “applauded” the Evo 4G and Evo 3D, both of which are Wimax devices. I suppose they are “has been’s”?
          “Matter of fact so is your 2011 Galaxy Nexus” While it’s true that the Gnex came out in 2011 for Verizon, it didn’t make it’s appearance on Sprint till early 2012. Idiot.
          “but we all know that won’t happen anytime soon college drop out” I’d love to hear you proof on how I’m a “college drop out” when you don’t know where I went to college, my GPA, my name, my place of residence, or anything substantive about me. Keep on trucking with those baseless, utterly pitiful insults. I’ll keep right on laughing.

          What’s funny is the fact that you say I must “lead a boring life”, and yet you must too if you’re commenting on most of my comments. Stupid little hypocrite. You’re probably double my age and you still don’t get how dumb you sound.

  • Jayne at Sprint

    Just want to clarify that Sprint As You Go is NOT a prepaid product. Customers will receive a bill and pay in arrears — it’s a no-contract monthly offer but definitely not prepaid.