Promo leak for Sony’s Xperia Z confirms a full HD display

Sony’s Xperia Z, code named as “Yuga,” for quite sometime now has been rumored to be Sony’s next flagship device for 2013. The Z will be a  5 inch 1080p device and thanks to this leaked screen shot of a promo video for the device, we should expect it to have a full HD display.

The device is also expected to have a 13MP Exmor RS camera with fast capture and HDR. To top it all off, the Z will also be water-resistant.

I’m really interested in seeing what Sony has to offer in mobile phones this year. With specs like these, it’s hard to look past them and go straight for Samsung these days. Let’s just hope their devices are developer friendly and free up the bootloaders.

source: Xpera Blog

  • PKM

    Amazing, I love my xperia s, Z seems to be even more amazing but I cant just give up S after few months of having it, I really wish that they would slow down with the phones sometime :(