ASUS Nexus 7 Dock Set To Ship On January 16th


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those of you Nexus 7 owners looking forward to that elusive docking station, but it appears the shipping date has been pushed back just oh-so slightly. According to the listing found at online retailer B&H, the Nexus 7 dock has been revised to show a January 16th shipping date— which still technically falls in line with the originally expected mid-January ship date, but still gives a minor reason for concern considering there are many of you out there who were hoping for the dock arriving as early as on the 15th (or even possibly before that).

The good thing is that at least the 16th is only a few weeks away… let’s just hope owners of the tablet won’t need to wait beyond that.

source: B&H
via: Droid Life


  • Zemo Munro

    Continue to be amazed with the lack of forethought from Google and Asus they must have lost millions in sales over Christmas with not being able to offer official accessories for the Nexus 7…whats another day some of us have been waiting since August 2012 for this!

  • Zemo Munro

    Yikes! Pocket-lint are quoting that Asus has confirmed that this docking station will be on sale for £79.00? .. Yikes I hope that is a major Typo was expecting a price tag of £35.00 Max…Its worth no more for what it offers