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Samsung Galaxy S IV prototype may be on way to CES 2013

More rumors and leaks today as we inch closer to CES 2013 next week. The subject of the latest speculation is Samsung’s Galaxy S IV device, which will likely become one of the most anticipated devices for at least the first half of 2013. Earlier today SamMobile received what appears to be a legitimate picture of the Galaxy S IV. The rendering suggests a much smaller bezel, which may be part of Samsung’s plan to bump up the screen size while keeping the overall device size closer to the Galaxy S III dimensions. Noticeably absent is a physical home button, suggesting on screen buttons will be used for the device. This latest picture appears consistent with the render we reported on last week.

According to sources, Samsung is planning to show an early prototype of the Galaxy S IV to a small group of executives and partners during CES 2013. Unfortunately for the public, this will all occur in private meetings, probably under heavy guard, to prevent more details from leaking. Tipsters suggest Samsung’s Vice Chairman Jay Lee will be leading the closed door session.

source: SamMobile

  • kurt hinds

    This pic is fake!

  • Christian Perez

    This just a badly photoshopped galaxy note 2

  • Bob

    Private because they have nothing new or remotely interesting to show.