Verizon-LTE equipped Galaxy Note 10.1 passes through FCC

Samsung’s multi-talented tablet device, the Galaxy Note 10.1, has been pretty quiet lately, save for a few updates in certain regions here and there. Well, after spending a few months in the shadow of its little brother, the Note 2, the tablet peeked out of the FCC with Verizon LTE bands and support for 3G connectivity. Neither Samsung or Verizon has said anything about this little surprise, but I’m sure they won’t keep too quiet about it for very long. Hopefully we’ll see another carrier or two pick up a data-enabled version of this device, too.

source: Engadget

  • yarrellray

    Samsung should pull all it’s products of the Verizon network. Especially after the Galaxy Note 2 debacle and alteration changes. Verizon is useless.

    • squiddy20

      Yeah, cause that makes complete sense. Verizon has the most wireless customers of any of the other carriers in the US (heck, it even has more than T-Mobile AND Sprint combined). Samsung pulling their products from anything to do with Verizon would hurt both companies, Samsung more than Verizon. Try using that tiny, pitiful excuse for a brain once in awhile to think beyond your ignorant fanboyishness.
      Thank God you’re not a CEO of any company. With your bipolar emotional state and constant bandwagon jumping fanboyism, any company you headed would be quickly run into the ground.

  • jlschulz098

    This is really funny. Samsung wont update their own wifi version, add verizon into the mix, the two slowest upgrade companies in existance, and they wont see jelly bean until 2017