Starting this month, all T-Mobile stores expected to carry the LG Nexus 4

If you’re still dying to grab the Nexus 4 but were unable to due to the influx of orders that crammed Google Play, then you may be in luck as T-Mobile is planning on carrying the device on every store starting this month. Thanks to an image obtained by TMONEWS, we should expect every T-Mobile store to carry the device, presumably for the same $200 on contract price tag.

Will this finally be your chance to nab the elusive device?

source: TMONEWS

  • Pelt Hunter

    I got my Nexus 4 from T-Mobile about 2-3 weeks ago. Then 11 days in it slid off a table (it’s SUPER slippery) and it got scratched so I took it in and got another one. The first time I bought it there were 10 brand new Nexus 4s sitting around that no one had even asked about or touched in the backroom. Then the next time when I went to replace it, both stores I went to only had 1 left. Must’ve been my lucky days because I think I’m one of the few to get it from a T-Mobile store.

    I live in Colorado BTW and they said only certain stores even carried it.

    • Mystery Man

      Yea here in socal I haven’t found a store carrying it yet :/ haven’t tried LA though