QP Optoelectronics to bring portable workstation to Android phones via CloudView, the worlds’s first DLP ultra short throw pico projector

I am expecting pico projectors to grow in popularity over the next year. Samsung tried it with the Galaxy Beam with minimal success, but it might make a lot of sense as a standalone unit. QP Optoelectronics will be showcasing such a device at CES called the CloudView, but what’s cool about it is that it’s a short throw pico projector. This means it can give you a decent sized display at short distances. For example, the CloudView can give you a 50-inch screen at only a half meter away from the target, as opposed to conventional pico projectors that would need 2 meters to give you the same result.

Why could this short throw technology be important? They can create a portable workstation with your Android phone. By connecting an Android phone through micro-HDMI or MHL to the CloudView device, you will get a projected 30-inch display plus a projected keyboard. Hit the break for the video demo.

As you can see in the video, you need two devices, one for the projector and one for the keyboard. That is a limitation, but this is just the beginning as I can only assume the future will bring this kind of technology to one device. It’s also possible this technology could be built into our phones as well.

Full press release:

QP Optoelectronics to Launch CloudView™ – the world’s first DLP® ultra short throw pico projector – at CES

Suzhou, China. December 26, 2012 –   QP Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. announced today that it will be launching its CloudView™ pico projector at the CES 2013 exhibition in Las Vegas, January 8-11, booth # 35786, South Hall.  Touted as the world’s first ultra short throw pico-projector, CloudView™ can project an image five to ten times larger than other pico-projectors from a given distance as indicated in the photo below.  The big screen projection capability of CloudView™ is enabled by QP Optoelectronics’ patent pending short throw light engine projection technology.

“Consumers are wanting to have the largest displayed image possible at even the closest distances, such as desk surface, table cloth, or even someone’s hand” stated James Lupino, QP Optoelectonics’ Vice President of Business Development.  “Our innovations and this product in particular is the first to solve this demand of consumers and we expect that it will appeal to most users who expect pico-projectors to produce a big screen display in close proximity.” 

Dr. Yong-jing Wang, CTO of QP Optoelectronics, states that “the importance of short throw in pico projectors has been underestimated over the last several years.  Conventional pico projectors can only produce a big screen at about 2 meters away; at this distance they generate a perceptive image similar to that of a 4.3” smartphone screen.   There are many limitations and at times a compromise of the value added in cases where the image size is limited.   Our pico projector can produce a 50 inch screen at a half meter throw distance, thus providing a large display anywhere.  We feel our short throw projection technology will enable many disruptive and futuristic applications for pico projectors.”

QP Optoelectronics has partnered with Texas Instruments, DLP Products.  “We are excited by QP Opto’s innovative CloudView™ product that creates a big image in a small space from the palm of your hand – uniquely enabled by DLP Pico™”, stated Frank Moizio, TI’s Business Unit Manager for DLP Pico™. “Texas Instruments, DLP is proud to enable a very wide variety of world class products planned for CES 2013 such as this handheld ultra short throw projector.”

In addition to CloudView, QP Optoelectronics will be showcasing other applications of its novel short throw projection technology including LightPad™, which was released at last year’s CES show.  LightPad™ connects to smartphones to enable the functionality of a notebook PC.   This year’s LightPad™ includes an improved keyboard and screen that rivals the brightness of tablets.  

Also on display will be a novel user model for smartphones – a “Portable Workstation” which you can carry in your pocket.  It is comprised of a smartphone connected to a CloudView™ and a virtual projected keyboard to provide for 20 inch display screen and full size keyboard on the desktop.  

Another display will combine the CloudView™ with a novel 3D screen technology from a Japanese partner.  All applications on display are enabled by the short throw projection technology of QP Optoelectronics.

QP Optoelectronics plans to initiate production of CloudView™ in Q1-2013 and will be establishing channel partners at CES, including pre-orders for Q2 delivery.  The company also will also seek to engage with OEM partners that are developing or considering to develop unique products which are enabled by short throw pico-projection.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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