With such a successful 2012, Samsung plans on shipping 510 million handsets in 2013

It’s an understatement to say Samsung had a successful 2012. With their global success of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 this past year, Samsung has fiercely placed themselves at the top of the totem pole when it comes to mobile device manufacturing. Thus, it’s widely expected that Samsung plans on moving forward and having an even better 2013. So far, even though Samsung’s Q4 totals aren’t made available just yet, the company is expected to hit around 410 million units shipped for this year. Due to this, reports are saying that Samsung is planning on upping the ante and shipping a whopping 510 million units for next year (a 20% incremental increase from this year).

Of those 510 million, Samsung plans on having about 390 million of that to be smartphones and the rest to be feature/budget phones. While there’s no breakdown on how many of that estimated number will be Android or Windows handsets, I’m sure we can all assume a huge bulk of that is Android. After all, Google’s Android OS has been Samsung’s proverbial cash cow for the past couple of years.

What are you guys specifically expecting from Samsung for 2013?

source: Korea Times 

  • Larry

    I’m expecting that they should use some of their pile of money to fix all their defective device drivers…

    • http://twitter.com/Mackster248 Macky Evangelista

      One can only wish :(

    • yarrellray

      Just line up for the next product.

  • Tim Read

    Like Larry I’m expecting them to work more closely with carriers to force them to push out updates for devices like the flagship Galaxy S3… especially when the updates fix serious device issues like WiFi authentication in Android 4.0.4 through to 4.1.1. Seriously detracts from customer satisfaction, especially when it can result in additional data charges from your carrier if you don’t notice WiFi dropped.