Role Reversal: Samsung sues Apple in Korea over “Notification Center”

Apple has acquired a reputation for being overly-aggressive in taking its competitors to court over patents (as demonstrated by this awesome video called “Apple Kills Star Trek”). In fact, it was just a few months ago that Apple took Samsung to court and won a whopping $1 billion dollars for supposed patent infringements. Well, today it seems the tables have turned for the Cupertino company. In a strange role reversal, Samsung is suing Apple in Korea over IOS 5’s Notification Center. If your not up on Apple lingo, the Notification Center is a blatant rip off of Android’s intuitive notification bar, which pulls down from the top of your screen to reveal your most recent notifications. It is not apparent which specific feature Samsung is suing for, but it’s more than likely something that Samsung has added to the notification bar, since the original code was created and is owned by Google. Since the court case will be in Korea, Samsung will have the home court advantage and may even win back a portion of its hard earned 1 billion dollars. Apple has some good lawyers though, so we’ll see how this pans out. While we wait, feel free to kill some time by watching Apple Kills Star Trek after the break.


Source: Phone Arena

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • Piyush

    This is becoming child fight, let them fight until both of them cry for there mommy.

  • Plerisei

    suing when you don’t even own the patent, lol.

    • michael centeno

      neither did apple with rectangle shapes, and touchscreen!

    • vegiisan

      They most surely would own the rights to an addition they made to the bar.

  • vegiisan

    If you read it properly, they suspect it’s over something unique that Samsung added to the original Android version. So one would assume they do in fact own some form of patent/copyright to do with it. :-)



  • Robert Fresquez

    I hope Samsung wins 5 billion from Apple.