XDA has launched XDA-University to help start your journey into Android development

Ever get that tingle of wanting to dev for Android yourself but don’t quite know where to start? The guys over at XDA developers have your back and have launched an “XDA University” portion of their site aimed at helping users start their Android dev’ing endeavors. Per XDA:

XDA-University is the resource brought to you by the people behind XDA-Developers. We aim to help you start your journey into Android and development, as well as get to know XDA more.

The site provides very helpful tips and videos on app development, hardware hacking, and a beginners guide to Linux mobile development. This certainly seems like a great way to start if you’ve always wanted to look into Android developing.

Keep in mind that this is a hobby and one should not expect gaining significant money from doing this. If you’ve been looking into starting developing for Android, then certainly give this a shot! Source link will be provided.

source: XDA University