Republic Wireless Confirms That It Doesn’t Look Too Kindly Upon Customers That Root Devices


Republic Wireless may be on its way to being a revolutionary wireless provider, however in order to be a revolutionary wireless provider— it has to ensure that its offers a topnotch service to its customers free of any type of shenanigans or tomfoolery. This means keeping its various devices offered to its customers free of tools like rooting, which may enhance a customer’s service at the expense of Republic Wireless’s  philosophy. With this in mind, there has been a recent rise in customers’ interest in rooting their devices and Republic Wireless decided to take some time and share its position on not just rooting, but any sort of unauthorized device customization:


“We’ve seen a flurry of questions and comments recently, and we wanted to provide some answers and a bit of context. The burning question these days is whether or not it’s ok to root your phone. The short answer is no. You agreed to the Terms of Service when you joined republic, and if you don’t follow the Terms, we can terminate your service at any time”.



Republic Wireless takes time to expand on its position against rooting by sharing some reasons for its stance against rooting. The first is the fact that it needs to have the ability to provide quality service to all customers, but this can’t be done if some are operating devices with capabilities beyond their original intended use– which causes a conflict of interest, of sorts. Another reason is the simple fact that when devices are rooted, they can’t provide a topnotch level of customer support, unlike other wireless providers’. The final reason is perhaps the most significant reason as Republic Wireless points out that its service is part of a community effort— not just a service targeted towards one or a few individuals:


“Lastly, when you modify your phone or service, you’re missing the point of what we’re trying to do. We’ve worked hard to protect the idea that we all work together and that we can share responsibility here. It means doing the right thing for everyone involved–not just what you want to do”.


On the surface, you’d think that Republic Wireless is a bit of a Debbie Downer when it comes to rooting— but after you see it lay out its points (which all seem to be valid), you can kind of understand where it’s coming from and why it wants to protect its service so badly. Here’s hoping that Republic Wireless does find some sort of compromise at some point in the near future— we all know that a few power users will end up giving root to Republic Wireless phones on way or another.

source: Republic Wireless Community
via: Android Police

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