Pudding Monsters from ZeptoLab released for Android

The makers of the very popular, multi-platform Cut the Rope have a new game ready for fans of cute, puzzle-adventure games. Pudding Monsters from ZeptoLab is now available in the Google Play Store.

Pudding Monsters revolves around a simple storyline. The pudding monsters are trying to escape from the cold-hearted fridge owner before he eats them. The escape plan involves growing into a mega-monster by literally joining together. The player has to work through a series of adventures and puzzles to be able to stick the gooey characters together. Some pudding monsters have unique powers or abilities that will prove useful and other goodies like a cloning machine can help in the quest for supersize status. As players work through the 75 levels, they will transition from the fridge, to the table, to the house, and finally out into the city.

Check out some screenshots below and the game trailer, then hit the source link to get a copy of Pudding Monsters. A free ad-supported version is available or the ads can be dispensed with by purchasing the $1 version.

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