HTC lets Thunderbolt owners know Ice Cream Sandwich will be here “soon”


We’ve got some somewhat reassuring news for Thunderbolt owners from HTC. After the upgrade date came and went in August for Thunderbolt owners, many people were more than a little disappointed. One disgruntled owner reached out to HTC on Twitter and got a vague response.

@louie_397: @htcusa ok whats the deal with ics for thunderbolt
@htcuse: @louie_397 ICS will be here soon. Thanks for your continued patience!

While “soon” probably doesn’t mean Thunderbolt owners will be getting the upgrade before the end of the year, it’s better late than never, right? And even though it’s a few versions behind, at least being left on 4.0 is better than being left on 2.3 like many other devices.

source: HTC Source

  • ShapesBlue

    Like any TB owner I will believe it when it is actually release to the masses. Then again ICS leaked months ago and the battery life is terrible!!!