Holiday Contest: Win one of two Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 tablets courtesy of NVIDIA and TalkAndroid [Updated With Winners]

For those of you that think a 7-inch tablet is too small and a 10-incher is too big, the Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 might be just right for you. It sports a 9-inch display, but also packs a lot of power thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Speaking of NVIDIA, they were nice enough to provide us with a couple of units to give to our awesome readers. All you have to do is comment below with what gift you want most this Holiday Season. You have until Friday, January 21 at 11:59pm EST. We will pick two random winners on Saturday, January 22 and announce them here. Make sure you are using a real email address for your account because that’s how we will contact you. Good luck!!


Congratulations to our winners

Erik P.

Both of you will receive emails with instructions!! Thank you everyone for playing and look for another contest soon.

  • Todd Van Laningham

    Definitely wishing for an Android tablet!

  • Ravi Kumar

    Any Android Tablet.

  • 84guy

    Definitely an android tablet lol

  • Steve Heinrich

    Android tablet all the way!

  • Arsenio Dev

    Hey I would love a raspberry pi so I can load android on it

  • Eduardo stanley

    a furby those things are awesome.

  • bitbank

    The 4 kids would love to have another Android tablet

  • Dayne Dougan

    A Nexus 4, though I doubt I’ll be able to pick one up until 2013.

  • Michael Jansen

    I’ve been hoping for a Nexus 7, but this would be good too!

  • David Macken

    I would love a Nexus 4 for Christmas.

  • Bikram Agarwal

    This tablet. :)

  • Thomas Wallace

    Sometimes needs come before wants. I’ve asked for plumbing work to be done on my house for Christmas. A 9-inch tablet in January would be pretty cool, though.

  • Dave Isherwood

    Here’s hoping this is an international giveaway (well there is nothing to say otherwise), but craving a tablet here in the wet UK.

  • William Reichard

    To be with my wife.

  • James Alexander

    I want this tablet for my mom who has an e-reader, but doesn’t have the money to buy a decent tablet.

  • Alex Rethiz

    to be with my son, who is away with my ex wife :(

  • Kieron Quinn

    If I’m going by cheesy competition entry, one of these tablets, but if not, a SmartTV

  • Alan

    I want this Lenovo IdeaPad for my fiancée.

  • Robert Brennocks

    I’m actually after a son for chrissy.. here’s hoping with fingers crossed… of course a daughter would be fine too.

  • mpinter

    I’d like to upgrade my Iconia A500, which I accidentally dropped on one its corners (on concrete) and has since lost most of the accelerometer functions and requires a ball point pen to turn on. This would be a sweet replacement!!

  • Brian Allen

    I would like a nexus 4…especially after seeing that video ad that TalkAndroid linked.

  • corrupt80

    I’d like a LG sound bar and subwoofer, but if its a tablet I wouldn’t mind (;

  • Nestor

    Did you pick Friday because the world is going to end adn you did not want to give them away…OK I want one

  • tim

    I want the flexible Samsung phone releasing next year

  • avinash kumar

    Ofcourse the nexus 4.. What else :-)

  • Erik P.

    I’d like to get a switch to the new phone provider before Christmas so I can buy my family new phones.

  • Dustin

    An editing laptop

  • David

    I could definitely use some new speakers for my s3 but a tablet would be super cool too haha :D

  • Tannan Dudley

    I would love to get this for Christmas!

  • Ryan Nutick

    I would love a tablet that can really properly display my photography… and a couple of new lenses for my camera.

  • anuj

    Well I’m fighting for Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 then why should I expect other gift

  • Wayne Anderson

    A fish

  • Adam Blackburn

    I want an ultra book since it’s a bit of both worlds but I this tablet sounds pretty amazing

  • Wade Ward

    Would love to have a desktop replacement laptop to have all the power and portability

  • Seadooman


  • TimXer

    For a few more of us to realize what it’s really all about

  • Jacob Vollrath

    I want a nexus 4, but I would like one of these too

  • Alexandra

    This Christmas I wanted a tablet! No ipad for crying out loud! I need something to play CoD or other awsome games!!! Hurray if it’s an actual gift! And Lenovo! Woohoo! *>_<*

  • John Smilie

    I would love to win!

  • Vishv Raj

    can’t wait any longer to have it in my hand. Infact i’m dying for it… PLEASE please plz randomly just select me ;-)

  • Charles DeClouette II

    The Nexus 4 would be awesome, but I’d definitely take a Lenovo if you’re in the giving mood :-)

  • bob

    would like to replace my playbook

  • John Reynolds

    Well i wanted a new watch for my collection but one of these would be great.

  • Darrell

    I would love a GSIII

  • Omar

    I was hoping for an XBOX 360 as I haven’t owned a games console since I was in year 9 which was 6 years ago

  • ImmaDroid

    Honestly I really want a Tablet! I don’t own one, but really want one.

  • Matt Mossholder

    Man, that would make an awesome surprise gift!

  • Tianna Serafino

    my son is struggling in school and this would be a great tool for him. His goal is to get into the naval academy but he is struggling with his grades.

  • Paul Méndez

    All I want for Christmas is to have the day off. And from the looks of it, I won’t.

  • SnowBabie

    I want a Tablet of any Android variety! Oh I would truly love to win this tablet! It would make my holiday :)

  • Dave Stump

    My kids are hoping for an XBOX 360. I can’t afford one this year.

    This would be great as the kids could be mobile and Android has great games. The Tegra 3 processor makes it all the more better!!!

  • Rohail Bootwala

    Well… . I did ask my Mom for a new phone thus Christmas , a 3500 one …. but even that was a no …said she needed to save more money for me :(

  • Michael

    I would like an Android TV on a stick.

  • Mohit Kumar

    I want a Nvidia tegra powered smartphone with quad core processor and with a screen bigger than 4.5 inch and i wud also luv to have nvidia geforce 6600 in my pc :D and for that i ll need a led screen bigger than 47 inches :)

  • Rajagopalan Sadagopan

    Nexus 10 and Lenovo Yoga

  • erikiksaz

    Any android tablet will do!

  • zipzip03

    Nexus 7 FTW

  • rickneworleansla

    An Android tablet would be a great Christmas present!

  • Ronald ‘Ron-b’ Burnett

    I read your articles all the time….I really need it

  • Jason England

    I want an android tablet with a micro sd slot

  • Denny Pezic

    A new tablet would be a nice surprise x-mas gift, not gonna lie!

  • rd

    A new tablet. You have to replace them every year, cause they get slow..

  • Karanbir Ahuja

    I want Halo 4/Black Ops 2 with 2 years XBL Or a, Alienware M18x.,they tied

  • Sandra Dixon

    For my family to have health and happiness. thanks for asking

  • Joshua Burzynski

    new xbox that doesnt red ring :(

  • ilb ddo

    I’m a struggling college student and I need a tablet to help me in school. That would be the best Christmas gift ever!

  • tslovejoy1969

    The Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 would be perfect!

  • Bebe

    I would LOVE to have the Nexus 4. I have a HTC Thunderbolt that likes to randomly reboot, with no sign of any update to ICS. :-(

  • w5t1h7

    Id love a tablet! please! my little brother decided it would be a nice idea to dance in my tablet because it had nice colors! ): never going to put a livescreen again lol

  • tandrae

    I am looking for a smaller size tablet. I already have a 10 inch.

  • Josh Hochstetler

    The nexus 7 would be quite excellent! :)



  • Gary

    A Nexus tablet but I’ll take any model except any Apple products

  • Seun Seun

    Owning Lenovo ideapad is one of d best things that can ever happen to me,I want it so bad

  • mgmackoul

    I want this tablet. I love Lenovo products. They are very high quality. I hope to win this Lenovo IdeaPad A2109. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Greg Mency

    I would like a chromebook

  • Keith Howe

    That would be awesome.

  • Rick Rv

    Alas, nexus 4!!! which you can’t get hold of because of so much demand!
    but who will mind getting a nvidia tegra 3 powered tablet from Lenovo?! :)

    • Rick Rv

      Does posting more comments will increase the chance of winning since the winner is going to be randomly picked? :O

  • David Watson

    Looking for an awesome lenovo tablet in the new year!… Want one for Christmas but willing to wait.

  • asalerno

    All I want is to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special

  • Alex

    I want an iPad.

  • George

    I would like an Android tablet for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lex dePraxis

    I want a nice powerful tablet to give as a Christmas present for my girl.. she definitely needs one to help her at work.

  • Timothy Flynn

    I want camera lenses!

  • Nalatnoma


  • Rafael M Ayala Soler

    Give my old Lenovo K1 to my mom ;) she loves it!!!

  • Dee Adams

    Something nice. I’m not picky.=)

  • leonnjh

    I would love to have Samsung Note 2 alongside a tablet besides an ipad. A lenovo one would be perfect (: thank you!

  • santicazares

    i want to enjoy the android goodness of the aforementioned tablet

  • Joseph Greene

    I would love a new year. A year that has no mass Killings or children dying senselessly. A year that has us working together to help those who need it. A year that brings more jobs and less unemployment and hunger. Please please please bring me that year.

  • Arsenic

    Would love this tablet!

  • michael

    To win the Lenovo Ideapad A2109 would be a great gift to give to my mother…

  • Jon Martin

    Yes, please!

  • michael

    To win the Lenovo Ideapad A2109 would really be a great XMas for my mother…

  • Nick Meusch

    Besides this, verizon galaxy note 2.

  • michael

    To win the Lenovo Ideapad would be a great Xmas gift for my mother…

  • tsiguel

    A job would be really nice =) well, tablet could also be nice i guess


    i want a Asus Padfone 2 which it is superb perfomance phone c/w a 10 inch dock station.

  • Adrian Page

    I want a tablet to give to my long time girlfriend. She isn’t getting muchthis year from her family so this would be a great gift for her.

  • an observer

    One tablet is never enough.

  • D’Angelo Stewart

    A nexus 4

  • eureb

    I’d love a Nexus 10

  • chuckbort

    A new house.

  • Dave A

    Dear Santa,
    I would like ..
    A [POW] to knock everyone on their heads…. :D

  • Robert Barrett

    I want a 9 or 10 inch Tablet. I got my wife a 15 inch lap top and I am so jealous.I am stuck with a old small laptop. Can not afford buying me one. Wife comes first. She deserves it.

  • Michael Slansky

    This Lenovo Ideapad would be the perfect gift as it’s not too big or to small. I would seriously look into getting one if I don’t win one.

  • Raghul Sukumar

    I want a tablet with a 1280 x 800 resolution display, NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage space, 3 megapixel rear camera, 1.3 megapixel front camera and Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.If you know what I mean.

  • Kevin Dealy

    Yep er skepers 1 tab for the family

  • mjc4513

    A new Lenovo tablet!!

  • Jason Stonerock

    Free stuff is always good stuff!

  • Alex Thomas Haddox

    All I want for Christmas is peace between ios windows phone and android users honestly it’s getting ridiculous.

  • harribe

    i would love one!

  • T.Shaper

    I would like my 2 year old daughter to say a full sentence. Something like “I love you Daddy” or ” I just went number two in the toilet for once”.

  • Jerome Burks

    This is just my size. I want something the will run Jelly Bean.

  • domo

    A nvidia tablet!

  • Troy Boatright


  • Jeff

    A white Christmas would be nice. The kids should have snow to play in.

  • artiplier

    I’d like a nexus 7 or similar tablet.

  • Ivan92116

    a Nexus 10

  • rej

    thanks boss!

  • Julie B Kamp

    Would a hoot to use to post everybody’s stuff that they gave to me because they thought the world was ending on 12/21..,,lol

  • JG

    Been planning to sell my smart phone, just to buy a quality tablet. All I wish is for me to win this monster of a tablet.

  • Sebastian Mathiesen

    I would love to get the nexus 7

  • MikieSATX

    I would love a Lenovo ideaPad

  • danny fitzgerald

    My kids smile when they open thier gifts.

  • msarimali

    Id love to grab one of these lenovo ideapads iv been a fan of appygeek since more then 1.5 years now n i chek it evrytme i get free frm my work mstly three to four times a day its my adiction ..thnx for providing the best updates n news.

  • Arnie

    Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 Thanks Arnie

  • rbates1

    it would be a nice late christmas presant. it would be the only one i get…

  • Victor Shum

    I really want to have a Lg Nexus 4, but a tablet would be good. I never had one before, it would be good for me as a programmer.

  • Ivan Reinaldo

    I really want a tablet..

  • Cong Nguyen

    Obviously a Lenovo IdeaPad A2109!

  • Dinesh Garg

    Yeah..I want one…..THanks..Talk android..for giving opportunity all to have this one…..hope so i will get……

  • Curmudgeon (Mike)

    All I want for Christmas (at least, for this year!) is a replacement for my TV that got zapped a few days ago during a wind storm, after the power came back on. A ‘smart’ TV would be nice, with WiFi, Skype, email, browser, ….

  • Martin Olsen

    A Raspberry Pi. And it would be awesome to use a Lenovo Ideapad as a remote interface :-)

  • Raul G JS

    I want a Job hahaha

  • Chris McNair

    World peace. Who am I kidding? A tablets

  • Paul Millidge

    For a period of no less than 2 weeks, what a blessing it would be if conflicts worldwide would cease. Just for 2 weeks….maybe that would allow everyone to gather their thoughts…and realize what is truly important in life..

  • Ben Martin

    I suppose that I would want an upgrade from my Andy’d hp Touchpad.

  • Smokalicious

    I wanted a 25$ amazon gift card ! But i dint get one :/ a tablet sounds nive though , thank u

  • Bob Schaefer

    The present I’m looking for is seeing the super happy/excited face my son is going to have when he sees Santa came and left him a present

  • ZeeLobby

    I have a 7″ tablet, don’t like 10, but want to try something in between. I also want some A50 wireless headset loving.

  • Jatin Kishore

    I really want a laptop or a tablet this time round, the one you’re giving away looks great!

  • Marco Ascensão

    I’m very happy with my Samsung Galaxy S1… but I would be very much more happy if Santa brings me something new! :-)

  • Bob Sher

    I want a tablet, ANY tablet (except ones sold by companies based in Cupertino or Redmond…)

  • Stephanie H Simons

    For Christmas, my best gift would be some of my grandma’s divinity & sugar cookies. Since this drawing is being held on my birthday, I think a tablet would be good for my 49th. :-)

  • Carlos Gonçalves

    I’ve been counting some dimes for a tablet, but I don’t see myself having one anytime soon, this one would come in very handy :)

  • Carlos

    A job would be awesome, then I could buy a new tablet :D

  • craniac

    For Christmas I want the ability to work with deep focus, consistently.

  • Ajm Maldnodano

    galaxy note 2

  • trackme

    I want a tablet or laptop

  • Jude Abreo

    I would love a tegra device for christmas

  • nikolaos Argiropoulos

    A new tablet for my beautiful wife

  • awaraarawa

    This Lenevo tablet would be ideal!

  • jc19

    a nexus 10 or 4 would be nice

  • A.j. Peterson

    I could really use this. Great products!

  • A.j. Peterson

    Or a GTR, lol

  • richard

    I want this tablet for my two kids and my mother

  • Traian

    I just want a Kindle… :)

  • Richard S Kephart

    I really want a Galaxy S3

  • bts

    A nexxus 4 and unlimited data plans and butter cookies

  • sakibz

    Badly need a tablet… .Lenovo is cool

  • Tai Nguyen

    What i want for Christmas is a tablet for school!!!

  • neeners

    A laptop or a tablet … my current computer is dieing

  • Alex Vidrean

    I think this would make a great gift,

  • Emanuele Cipolla

    Peace in my family

  • Joe

    I want that tablet

  • Aniruddh

    I want to own a tablet this holiday, because its the next generation thing to increase productivity and flourish in reading, browsing, preparing presentations, writing documents, managing tasks and living into happy moments with large screen photos of family.

  • Ghislain

    I would like to have this Lenovo tablet. I don’t have one and it looks really cool.

  • Brian Choi

    I’ve never owned a tablet so this would be an excellent Christmas present.

  • Iva Dobreva

    I don’t have tablet and really want one…. :)

  • Hendriew

    An IdeaPad would be grand (surprise, surprise).

  • Living in the border

    Set of Winning numbers for
    Max or 649 in Canada
    Powerball or Mega in US, then I’ll give everyone here a 10″ Nexus

  • Matt Wolfgang

    I want a tablet!

  • Rianto Harsono

    wish for android tablet for holiday

  • ovendoor

    UK too?

  • Celsius1939

    I am a fan of Lenovo and would like their tablet.

  • Gaelan

    Personally I want a gaming pc.

  • Ct.Morgan

    I would absolutely love a Lenovo tablet, I’ve never owned a tabled, but always wanted one. Pick me, I’m the best choice for the winner! :) LOL, just kidding…not about the tablet though, it looks awesome!!

  • harshit

    I am a gaming fan and reallly want a gaming device!

  • Dinushanth Ramanathan

    All i want for christmas is an android tablet!

  • Jake Wayman

    My grandson would be truly delighted !!

  • Kenneth Chan

    A 9 inch tablet would be a best present :D

  • Nikola Belavić

    i want an android tablet, and this is perfect timing, because january 21st is my birthday!

  • kailuairon

    I want to win!

  • Jay W.

    Peace on earth

  • 3@ns@y 1nc3ntv@y

    Me too

  • Christopher R. Rice

    I’d realllly like a tablet. Been wanting one for a long time now.

  • DFlint

    Tablet of any size would be great for Xmas! Merry Xmas!

  • Vibhav Gupta

    Would love to have a tablet. Have a phone only till now.

  • Avinash Kumar

    A new laptop or tablet perhaps.. both of them are quite old now

  • John Hoskins

    Why, a Lenova IdeaPad A2109, of course!

  • Hwi Tae (James) Kim

    I want a tablet! i dont have one but it would make a great addition to my android collections :D

  • NortonHey

    Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men, and some new tech.

  • Mike DeLand

    i really want this one Finally a mid sized tablet

  • Andi Kangwijaya

    A Tablet for this Xmas will be perfect. thanks.

  • wbogacz

    Hope I win. This is my favorite Android blog!

  • treyes9432

    I’m happy just reading TalkAndroid, but it would kick ass reading it on this tablet!

  • gopadge

    Coffee! I want lots of coffee and a tablet.

  • GinoA

    I want a tablet for Christmas, but I can’t help wondering if the deadline dates are correct in the post. The days-of-the-week match December 21/22.

  • DavidW


  • john

    the gift i want for christmas is the surface pro tablet

  • apachegirl

    If world doesn’t end on 21/12/12 then i definately want a tablet…:-D

  • kibble1224

    I would love a Nexus 10 to replace my aging Xoom but would like one of these Lenovo A2109 as the reviews that I have read that these are a pretty good value. My brothers and sister bought one for my father for Christmas as well!

  • Boris Baric

    I want socks and a new tablet :)

  • Fred Schneider

    Would be a great gift for my son to stay in touch

  • Jansen Natapradja

    A new Tablet for the family.

  • Deidre

    I want a new android tablet, doesn’t matter which one!

  • Allan Kintz

    I already got the gift I wanted most this season… A new house. Well not a “new” house – but my wife and I bought our first house 2 months ago. That’s our Xmas present to ourselves.

  • Ambrielle Bender

    Honestly a Keurig or Cuisinart coffee plus lol

  • Nate

    I want my parents to not be child abusers

  • Hairo Salazar

    a tablet would be really nice

  • Living in the border

    Pick me, pick me

  • Eduardo

    A tablet, that would really make my xmas :)

  • Abhi-nay

    I really want a pool table this holiday season, I was gonna buy one, but I ended up getting the Nexus 4 instead :D

  • Daenja

    A tablet, just like this one!

  • Hector Hugo Alpizar Cesena

    I really want some a 64 green chevy impala with hydraulics, and a kick ass sound system so I can roll down the street smoking indo and sipping in diet coke and Jose Cuervo with the homeys and the bitches.

    • Cucos

      Heeeeey hommie.. what about a watermelon??

  • Dave Ellis

    What I really want most for Christmas is no more public shootings such as Newtown, CT. No other gift would please me more, except maybe winning this tablet.

  • B Duncan

    All I want for Christmas is a new range/stove.

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    I’d like a 512 GB SSD disk :)

  • victor lozada

    A tablet would be very nice!

  • Premo Deja

    What I want for Xmas is what I want each and everyday, for my family to stay safe where ever they are.

  • Steve Ginter

    realistically, I want an AT&T Galaxy Note 2. But a new tablet sure wouldn’t hurt. =)

  • Bradford R.

    I’d love an iRule setup for my TV :-D

  • Lady Di

    I want my gadget gift of choice to be a newer tablet. My nephew wants to the cheap one I have now for “breaking” purposes. No idea what that means but it would be like two gifts. He gets my old one and I get a new one. Win win!!

    Offline, I’d like the gift of the winning largest Maryland Lottery jackpot to put myself and my family in a better financial predicament since step mother’s passing last October. I’d give to charities that affect my life and to organizations that support abused children and women. Also I’d donate to veteran’s as well.

  • Lady Di

    I can’t see my other post but I want a gift of a tablet so my nephew can have the old one as his “breaking” toy. He did good by getting A’s & B’s in TX from failing in MD. So proud of him.

  • topscout60

    A new Lenovo tablet would make a perfect holiday gift!

  • Vyrlokar

    I really want an Nexus 4, but it seems that Google does not want my money…

  • HanvdHeuvel

    if we all still exist by the time the winners get announced I would like my gift to be some device, being it a tablet or something else, where I can put house automation on so my handicapped son can move through the house and operate all electrics and open doors.

  • Bryan Truitt

    I’m definitely winning this.

  • Adam

    to spend more time with my kiddos

  • Igor Vinogradov

    I want a ticket to the Mars. Really. Of course, with this tablet :)

  • Rob Schaub

    All I want for Christmas is my favorite two front teeth! And a new tablet.

  • Alexandru Socol

    I would love it !

  • FD

    I’d love to get a new video card in my laptop for Christmas, but I’d settle for a Lenovo tablet. I would, I would.

  • Gaga

    Want to trade in my Nook for a REAL tablet!

  • defqon1

    The very best christmas gift i would ever get is the notice of comunism and Castro dinasty finally stop screwing Cuba and go to the hell they belong!!!

  • Gagan Deep Singh

    I just want is my laptop but lenovo is not lau
    nching ideapad y580 in india:@

  • ligers82

    World Peace

  • Nikhil Belchada

    Please I really want this one….

  • Fotios Kossyvas

    i would love having a tablet !

  • Jáchym Šlik

    HTC One X+

  • searingdwarf

    I cant afford a tablet after all we bought for the kids. I would love to give my beautiful wife such a great present as a thank you for all the hard work she does. make it happen please

  • Jessica Schweichler

    Happy Holidays!

  • rups

    i have a lenovo desktop….
    it’d be great if i get a lenovo tablet too….

  • rups

    i have a lenovo desktop….it would be great if i get a lenovo tablet too…

  • Rups

    i have a lenovo desktop….
    it’d be great if i get a lenovo tablet too…

  • Rups

    i would just want to get this tablet

  • Devon

    Table definitely

  • Haard Shah

    I have kept one space free for the tablet but it is sill empty.

  • Gregory William Wampler

    I would LOVE a 9inch tablet this Xmas!

  • Kinesthesia

    I am hoping for a tablet and I’ve been a Lenovo fan for years.

  • Avinash kumar

    a nexus 4 :)

  • christian damian

    I never win these…

  • Christopher Mann

    I’d love a new tablet this christmas. My wife constantly pulls out her iPad and I can’t stand iOS so I need a new Android tablet to counter her

  • Paa Kwesi Mensah

    samsung galaxy note 2

  • Matthew Buoscio

    Tickets to Cavalia with my family. And a tablet. :)

  • michele michelu

    So much things I can’t just pick one but I’ll try lol a nexus 10 or the galaxy s4

  • Samantha

    a new laptop or a tablet

  • tams

    Android Tablet

  • Living in the border

    Wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Pongal….Happy Holidays

  • Ashish Ramteke

    Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 would be the best holiday gift

  • Angienovi

    I’m on disability and 47 years old I have never owned a tablet and would love to have one, it seems like everyone has one except me, with my fixed income it’s just not a possibility! Please I would love to have your tablet it would be the only present I received for Christmas. I live alone and would appreciate it more than you will ever know.

  • Angienovi

    I’m at home all the time so this would be very helpful to me to read and do puzzles and everything you can on a tablet! I can’t go out much so I’m basically Homeward Bound so this would be the best present I could receive being on disability.

  • Angienovi

    At least alot of people on here own tablets and are trying to get a new one I have never owned one I’m 47 and on disability, I would love to be able to buy even a 60.00 one but can’t that’s what happens when you live alone and you are on a fixed income, you can’t do anything but pay the bills, I had to have Good Fellos and churches help me with presents for my 2 year old granddaughter, so they would be something under the tree for her. So this would be a big help to me winning a tablet. I would love to win it would be the best present I could ask for.

  • melan26

    Man, I should have entered earlier if I had known the month of the date was a typo. Oh well.

  • angienovi

    That was very wrong to announce winners now when the contest said we had till January 22nd.

  • ~AMG~

    I wish I could give my daughter a beautiful new Lenovo IdeaPad A2109. Giving her the best new tablet on the market is the perfect way to show how proud I am of her.

  • keith w

    I really woulld like to have alenovo tablet

  • Mike

    Awesome Tablet ! i wish, i could have this nvidia tegra 3 powered tablet from Lenovo :)