According to reports, HTC suspends several new smartphone models and cuts 2013 Q1 shipments

It’s no secret that HTC is playing catch-up at this point trailing behind Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. According to several reports, HTC is halting developments on several new smartphones and is taking a long look at how they want to tackle this next year in hopes to rise their popularity.

HTC has suspended development of a number of new models for 2013, reducing the visibility of its orders for handset components, the sources revealed.

According to several industry watchers:

However, the industry watchers believe that HTC is heading for a bumpy road ahead, since shipments of its Windows Phone 8-based smartphones have not been as strong as expected, while Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy III have continued to enjoy brisk sales.

With numerous leaks of HTC’s next behemoth in the HTC M7, I’m hoping HTC can at least somewhat gain some trail in this battle. Do you guys still have faith in HTC? Regardless if you like Sense or not, HTC makes some of the most gorgeous and well built phones out there. Perhaps they need to release an AOSP device to change their game up a bit? I know, probably a far reach, but that would be an Android enthusiasts dream wouldn’t it?

source: Digitimes

  • htc lover

    A removeable battery and sd card are needed.

  • Adamvm

    I have an Evo 4G LTE and it’s the best damn smart phone I’ve ever owned. Even better now that it’s on Jelly Bean. This phone is solid, never ever had one lick of trouble with it. I love that unlike the One X I can throw a storage card in it. I really have to say I am very very pleased with HTC’s products and I’m certain my next one will be from them as well. I never hesitate to recommend HTC to people. I’m very happy I chose this phone over the S3.

  • RTWright

    I gave up on HTC when they failed several times in supporting the Evo 4G. They did nothing to keep that device updated at all hardly and then with every device after it, they took what we liked about the Evo 4G out of their designs. HTC hurt themselves by doing this. Samsung has been giving us everything we wanted ( Minus the Kickstand, but oh well ). We get removable Batteries and SDcard slots which they’ve gotten away from ( Except for the recent Eve 4G LTE they gave some back ).

    Sorry but if I wanted an iPhone knockoff I would just buy an iPhone. HTC as well as Google with their Nexus line of devices have all gone the route of Apple by being more restrictive and giving lame ass excuses for not giving us these features. I will not buy a device that does not offer me these features, no matter the price. So I went with Samsung’s GS3 and I have no regrets at all except I’m still on Sprint. That’s going to change here this next year though.

    At least at this point I’m getting updates to my device a lot better than I did with HTC, when I go to Samsung’s support site, I get treated like I’m a valued consumer and owner of their products. Can’t say that for HTC either. This is a large part of why they’re so behind. Where a few of you are happy with their products, they’re not even close to being the same company they were a mere 3 years ago. They’re taking shortcuts, taking away options, even some of their recent devices have been plagued with problems of all kinds. That will hurt you very quickly in this and any other tech industry.

    I personally don’t care if they go bankrupt, maybe others will learn from this and not go this direction. I for one will never go back to HTC products, I’ve had way too many bad dealings with them and their tech support and cannot stand their direction now.

  • Perry Kincy

    My HTC Sensation 4G is absolutely the worst phone I have ever had. It does NOTHING well. I have 2 weeks left on my 2 year contract and can not wait to get rid of this ridiculous non working monstrosity.

  • rich_bown

    Leave the fugly sense skin off and I might be interested in HTC again. My phones have to last two two years so updates are important and HTC have failed here in my experience.

  • Asdf

    When HTC stopped providing removable /swappable batteries and sd cards I stopped buying their products… HD2 (great phone) > sensation (not so much) > SGN (fantastic!) > SGN2 (brilliant) I always buy a second battery with its own charger, completely overcomes the battery issue with a high end smartphone and would be lost without this functionality

  • jlschulz098

    I have a htc rezound and since they have decided not to upgrade a phone barely 6 months old ill never buy another. Their decision not to include replaceable batteries or sd card support also cancels them out of future purchase consideration. They make every move wrong. How can they hope to survive.