Unofficial Samsung Galaxy S III WiFi roaming fix now available

Owners of some Android devices, in particular the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus, may have noticed a bug that causes their device to have trouble transitioning between different WiFi access points when access points overlap. XDA Forum member felixchris has put together a hack that addresses one of three possible ways the bug manifests itself. According to felixchris, the three ways that users may experience the bug include:

  • Bug version 1: when connected to an access point (e.g. SSID_A), as you move to the area covered by a second access point (e.g. SSID_B), the phone never releases from the first point even though the signal gets very weak and the higher strength SSID_B is available. This particular version of the budget can be verified by turning off WiFi, then turning it back on again, at which point the device should associate with the second access point.
  • Bug version 2: very similar to version 1, but even after restarting WiFi, the phone still insists on connecting to the first access point, SSID_A.
  • Bug version 3: when connected to the first access point, SSID_A, as you move to the second access point, the signal strength seems to increase as the device searches for a stronger access point, but then drops the connection and after a short hiatus, re-establishes the connection. The easiest way to observe this is by the disappearance of the WiFi icon and an interruption in the connection.

Bug version 3 is the one for which felixchris has created a workaround. The fix is confirmed to work on Samsung Galaxy i9300 models and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250. A couple different versions of the mod have been developed, one that requires a custom recovery and one that does not. However, both solutions require root access to the device.

If you are having trouble with your WiFi connection when moving between overlapping access points and you have one of the specified devices, you may want to give the fix a try by visiting the source link below. Just be sure to read the warnings and cautions related to rooting your device or flashing files.

source: XDA Forum WiFi Roaming Fix

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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