Dell Streak: Coming to a hospital near you?

According to an article over at Reuters, Dell has a new aim for the Streak: the medical field. On Tuesday, Dell announced that they would be linking up their Streak with the company’s medical software, which would allow access to patient information and medical records while out and about. According to Jamie Coffin, vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, “when we designed the device we thought about what a clinician might like, it’s perfect size to fit into a lab coat, and allows you to be able to communicate anywhere.” Dell has stated that the Streak will access information on patients and medical history through databases in the cloud, not on the device itself. The Streak would also utilize the devices cameras, allowing doctors to upload photos and save them to patient’s files.

This leap into the healthcare market is nothing new for Dell, though. Dell spent $3.9 billion on Perot Systems, a company that has a large base with healthcare providers and customers, as well as being involved with most hospital systems in the USA.

[via Reuters]