Android Debauchery: Android running on Palm OS Hardware

Ever wondered just how many things you can put Android on? Sure, it has already been slapped onto Windows Mobile devices, tablets, and let’s not forget the slew of devices meant to run Google’s OS. Now, in yet another fit of android debauchery (or sacrilege… we’re not sure which yet), programmer Dmitry Grinberg has managed to get Android up and running on Palm OS hardware. There is a picture that has been posted by Dmitry (see above) showing Android running on a Palm Tungsten C, which was originally released in 2003. According to the information available, Android 2.1 is “installed and semi-functional”, with some obvious graphics issues, which can probably be traced back to the screen compression used on the device.

The feat is accomplished by utilizing a dual-boot SD card running the OS, but performance is also said to be laggy, due to the lack of physical memory on the device. Also, because of the OS being run from the card, there isn’t a whole lot of room for your external media. Dmitry does go on to state, however, that he is attempting “full Android with proper optimizations, in hopes of better performance”.

Other lacking features include wifi, Bluetooth and audio. While this news is by no means indication of a public release, we here at will keep you up to date on all the latest.

What Palm OS device would you like to see Android running on? While the Pre is obvious, try to go retro…. can I get a “Palm Treo”?

[via palminfocenter]

  • rogerms

    How about a Palm Pilot 1000 with 1M of RAM? If he get more functionality working I’d give it a try on a Palm Tungsten C.

  • Scott

    If he used one of the later Palm Centros, I think they had 128MB of memory and you could easily put an 8GB uSD card in them. Most of the providers in the US practically give away Centros with a contract.

  • JackFrost

    My vote is for a centro or a 755.

    I’d say go back to the treo 600 (best keyboard EVER on a handheld) but I dont think I want to go back to no removable battery and an antenna poking me in my pocket)

    Wanna go nuts? Put in on a treo 300! (I doubt I still have one of those anymore…)
    First color device palm/phone and it had a flip!

  • Don Kelley

    put it on a lifedrive. I have one that I converted to a lifeflash (cf drive replacing original hard drive when hd died) and it’s quite a machine… but I never power it up now that I have an android phone.

    I think it would run android really well other than having a resistive touch screen instead of capacitive…

  • Dee Herr

    How about a palmOne Tungsten E2?

  • Galane

    The LifeDrive with a compact flash would be the best PalmDroid – LifeDroid.

    If Dmitry Grinberg hasn’t abandoned this project, I bet when he gets it all debugged he’ll find some way to charge money for it. :P

    He seems to have abandoned further development on his existing Palm OS stuff, and doesn’t appear to be working on anything new for Palm, but shows no leanings towards converting his Palm software to unsupported freeware. Gonna be like how Id is still milking the DOOM cow instead of long ago letting go?