FCC approves Dish Network’s use of its AWS-4 spectrum for 4G LTE usage

It looks like that 67-page letter that Dish Network sent to the FCC regarding using its own AWS-4 spectrum for land-based broadband was all worth it. Today the FCC approved said use of the spectrum after previously being blocked by regulatory barriers. What’s next for Dish? According to them, they “will consider its strategic options.” That wouldn’t have anything to do with that little Google/Dish wireless service rumor from last month would it? This should prove to be interesting once we get into 2013.

source:  Engadget

  • yarrellray

    I love tmobile but the thought of Google mobile sounds great. They have a lot to prove.

  • Mei

    Competition is always good. The prices we pay for cell phone services compared to other countries is ridiculous. If more competition is what it takes to drive prices down, so be it.